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Computer software is the third millennium into a new dimension. Do take care of the technical requirements for a wider area. Including three types of software, programming software, systems software and applications software. Programming software is used to help programmers write computer programs. To facilitate implementation of systems software system, for example, Apple, Linux, Microsoft Windows. Software, allowing users to perform various tasks on the computer, the computer materials development. Copyright issues are very important and the software checks the software for illegal copying of copyright. This makes certain terms and conditions by the licensee to use the software, but there are others who use restrictions, changes, sharing, etc.


Even the license of computer software copyrights on open-source license, which contains the source code, and almost anyone can use. The source code can be changed according to user evaluation and to meet their own needs, such as. Subscribe to the benefits of open source licenses is that they usually open at no cost, there is no requirement to pay the creator enables you to change, reform, and the money to use. Amendment for the personal use of the source code, or only allow a non-approved open source license restored only measure.

Services to protect copyrighted computer programs as literary works, but can not be patented. If the combination of software and hardware, then the patent can be granted, or beyond. Do not rely on software code, but the novelty of the product. Should buy protection software implementation in Table 4 (copyright year). Table 4 details the coverage and statements of additional information (referred to as POS and SOFP respectively). While it should fill the requirements in Table 4 are clear of the second

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